Monday, January 7, 2013

Manicure Monday: Nude for the New Year

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a nice, back-to-your-routine weekend. My weekend was mostly lazy, but I did a lot of blog work as well. So I don't feel as recooperated as usual, but it was time well-spent.

Did anyone realize that there was no Manicure Monday post last week? Yeah, neither did I. I completely spaced it, seeing as last Monday was New Year's Eve. Oops...! I didn't realize it until days later, and I that point, it was kind of too late. Anyway, this week I went for simple and classic: a nude mani. It'll go with everything, gives me a little style without much effort, and I adore this Essie color: Sand Tropez.

I was planning on making a special announcement and doing a lot more blog work today, but I got called into work. I always get called in when I have something to do and I always don't have to go in when I have nothing planned. Typical. Anyway, I just threw on my new running jacket and infinity scarf, both Christmas presents. Quick make up, out the door, and Starbucks for lunch on the way! See ya! 

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