Freeing Imperfections is a blog dedicated to the imperfect. Let's face it: life isn't perfect. But for many people, myself included, perfection is marked everywhere in our lives - in movies, on TV, in books. We are fed the lie that our lives can be perfect, that if we work hard enough, we can be perfect. But this idea, as lofty as it may be, has ruined the way life should be: perfectly imperfect!

Freeing Imperfections to me means to embrace the imperfections in your life, in yourself, in your appearance, in your circumstances, in your faith - in everything - and to let that bring freedom. The whole idea of this blog is that there is power in embracing imperfection instead of dwelling on unattainable perfection. By embracing the things I cannot change and acknowledging that my life is - and I am - very imperfect, I can find rest for my soul and freedom from the fact that imperfect is actually perfect.

Right now, this blog is my personal outlet, a place for inspiration, projects, discovery, and daily musings. I have always aspired to have a well-known blog that can reach and inspire many people. I would love for Freeing Imperfections to grow to that point, but for now - where I am is perfect! I hope you enjoy what I have to say!

Posts about the Blog 

Quote of the Moment

I like to feature a different quote on the sidebar that I change from time to time for inspiration. Past quotes from the sidebar can be found here.

Daily Imperfection Posts 

I like to feature posts called "Daily Imperfections" here on the blog. To me, "daily imperfections" are something that was not perfect about my day. It could be a mistake I made, something that went wrong, or just an unexpected event. While daily imperfections are not always happy and can often be somewhat of a downer, the whole reason I blog about them is to embrace the fact that life isn't perfect. Imperfections, screw-ups, mistakes, and disappointments happen around us daily. How we deal with them is what's important, though. Please realize that I am in no way trying to focus on the imperfections. I am merely trying to acknowledge that, hey, something was imperfect, and here's how I dealt with it. I hope you enjoy these posts. You can find the whole collection of them here.


All images are taken by me unless otherwise noted. Some of my graphics for headings and such come from Shabby Blogs

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