Sunday, July 15, 2012

Freeing Imperfections: Embracing the Imperfect in Every Day

Hello, World! First post... better be a good one, eh? Well, here it goes! Like most anyone with a blog on the internet, I have an idea that I think it would be better shared instead of cooped up in my head all the time. I'm not sure if you'll agree, but we're about to find out, right?

So, here's the idea: life is imperfect. You're probably saying, Yup, already knew that. What a novel idea! Well, if you're any bit human or anything like me, you've probably had to wrestle with that idea, grow with that idea, and learn from that idea. Things are not perfect. We all know this, but so often I see others and myself forget this simple notion. Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I want things to be just so, as good as they can be, just how I like them, and in essence - completely perfect! I'm a firstborn in my family, I definitely have a type-A personality, and I have a natural knack for organizing everything from my sock drawer down to my bobby pins. But even if you're not a - dare I say it - perfectionist, even the most opposite person of a perfectionist still wrestles with the lack of control that we all have as humans.

Simply put, no matter how hard I may strive, perfection is out of my grasp. And when I believe I've reached perfection, I'm either miserable inside or I've set yet another height to reach, making the pursuit of perfection an endless one. I have found myself a slave to perfection before, and sometimes still, setting all my sights on how to attain what was never intended for me to have. I've sought after perfection in my looks, emotions & feelings, relationships, home, faith, schedule, eating habits, and many other things. I've had to come to the end of myself many times and realize that I just can't keep striving for something I'll never reach. There's no point to living every day of my life reaching for something that will just not deliver, something that won't ever be good enough. I'm choosing to look past the imperfections and realize that life is what it is - imperfectly wonderful at that.

The mission of Freeing Imperfections is to:
  • Provide a much needed outlet for my own personal growth and share how embracing, loving, and understanding imperfection can bring freedom 
  • Write about the daily adventures of my coffee drinking, Pinterest crafting, Italian Greyhound-ing life (because, let's face it- it's going to happen) 
  • Feature posts titled "Daily Imperfections" about what was perfectly imperfect that day 
  • Have fun, smile, and laugh about it all! 
For now, my personal goal for this blog is to write about my struggles and successes with perfection along with what might be interesting in my every day life. My tagline for the blog is "Embracing the Imperfect in Every Day." In order to make my own life more fulfilling, I will strive to focus on what can be appreciated in the moment instead of so commonly focusing on what went wrong or what wasn't "right" about the moment. I hope to embrace the imperfect, learn from my mistakes, and have fun while blogging about it. I invite you to join me on the adventure of seeing how freeing imperfections can be! 

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