Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Series: What's stealing your joy?

Hey Internet!

I've been all kinds of busy lately, and sometimes blogging just doesn't make it into my schedule. Blog topics always seem to be brewing in my head, but actually making time to write them is a whole other animal. Anyway, a topic that has really resonated with me lately is this: what is taking away from the joy you could have? What things, activities, habits, or strongholds in your life are preventing you from being happy in your every day life? Life is not always about being happy, but certain patterns and habits in our lives can take hold when they shouldn't. For me, all of 2012 has really been about discovering how to live intentionally instead of living a life that is driven by culture, which so often leads to many joyless days.

In this series, I will cover many reasons why joy can vanish so quickly from our busy lives. The goal of this series is to explore things in your life that really shouldn't be there, or things that have taken such a hold on you, that it's sucking your happiness dry. This series is a four-part blog series that will cover some serious joy stealers. The topics are:
  • Social Media and Other Things that Waste Our Time 
  • Two Friends I Know too Well: Worry and Anxiety 
  • The Pursuit of What? When Body Image Issues Take Over 
  • Doubt, Fear, Insecurity and Anything Else I May have Missed 
I'm excited to launch this series and delve deep into some hard topics. I am passionate about creating and building the best life I can but while also still being happy doing it! Too much of what we are fed on a daily basis is about perfection, and this series seeks to dive right through the heart of the matters that affect people the most. I hope you're as excited as I am for this new series. There are obviously a lot of other topics I could cover with this topic. Is there something specific you would like to see me write about? Let me know! 

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