Monday, December 17, 2012

Manicure Monday: Gimme a Break

Helloooo, Monday afternoon! Today is one of those dreary, raining, gimme-another-cuppa-tea kind of days for New England. I spent the whole day working in retail and now I am positively wiped. Last night I miraculouly managed to find time to take off my poor, obliterated mint mani from last week. I got sooo many compliments on this manicure. I was surprised because I didn't think it was too special, but I guess it was a hit. It lasted surprisingly well too. It was just in the last two days or so that the polish really got chipped. I was sad to see it go.

However, this week I'm giving my nails (and myself) a break. I didn't have time last night for the fun mani I had planned. I'm working all week until I leave on Thursday for vacation. My nails really get beat up at work since I work with my hands all day, so I didn't want to make up a nice mani and then have it ruined before my trip. I have a fun one planned, but I'll save that for next Mani Monday :) For now, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails gives me some shine and restores my nails strength this week.

So, nothing exciting in the manicure department for today. But speaking of giving myself a break, that's exactly what I'm doing now. I've been feeling so stressed the past day or so because I know I have so much to do before I go on vacation this week. I'm also working a lot more than usual though, so I feel like there just isn't enough me to get things done. I've been secretly wishing that I could clone myself or forgo sleep so that I can get everything done that needs doing. But since that isn't going to happen, I'm trying not to stress about it by enjoying some of my favorite things: a workout, a nice candle, and some tea. 

I typically can only work out in the morning, as I mentioned in my 2012 fitness recap. Morning workouts are about it for me. But today when I got off of work, instead of rushing through all the things I want to get done (and then inevitably end up feeling even more stressed), I opted for a workout. At the almost-dark time of 4:30 pm, I tuned in to Jillian Michael's Six Week 6 Pack DVD for a quick but effective workout. Working out is a serious stress-reliever for me because it leaves me feeling accomplished and strong. When I feel that way, I am a lot more likely to take better care of myself and get more things done than if I don't. It was time well spent! 

After my quickie workout, I changed into jammies and lit my new candle: 

Not a great picture, but you get the idea. To me, lighting a candle is like saying "it's time to relax and enjoy your time." The scent of fresh balsam fills the room and I feel at ease. It's like happiness in a jar to me :) 
Then I got myself a warm cup of Trader Joe's Peppermint Tea. I am seriously addicted to this stuff. It's minty, slightly sweet, and seems to help me focus and clear my head. Now all I really want to do is cozy up with Beans and keep reading What Alice Forgot for book club. 
Here's to letting go of the busyness that this season seems to bring. I have the chance to relax, so why not take it? There will always be a to do list, but there is always another tomorrow. 
  • Question for you: do you give yourself time to relax when you realize you would benefit, or do you keep racing on to get things done before you allow for down time? How do you think either choice affects your stress? 


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