Monday, December 24, 2012

Manicure Monday: Sparkly Candy Cane for the Holiday's!

In leui of Christmas, I had to go all-out "festive" for this round of Manicure Monday. I saw the idea for candy cane nails on Pinterest most likely and thought it was perfect for my holiday vacation and the season. I started with a naked nail, a coat of cheap-o white nail polish, put some tape strips on, then a coat of red, then a sparkle top coat. Sounds like a lot of work? Yeah, it kind of was. This mani required a lot of waiting around for it to dry. The steps are as follows:

Step one: white base

Step two: nails strips (kind of hard to see here)

Step three: red goes on over the white and tape strips


It didn't turn out perfect, and I knew it wouldn't. The tape doesn't stay on as well as I'd like it, but it gets a straighter line than I ever could on my own, so I'll take it! I added the sparkles unexpectedly at the last minute to cover up my mistakes, and because, I mean, come on - it's not Christmas unless there's sparkles!

Overall, this mani was time consuming and a lot more over the top than I usually go for, but hey - why not. Mani Monday is all about trying something new each week for me, and this week is probably as different as I've ventured so far. This mani kind of screams "look at me!" which I don't really care for. Usually, I am fine with a neutral color that blends well with my outfits. Clearly, this is not going to blend or match much of anything I'm wearing! But it's only for a week and I guess I should live a little!

Hope your holiday's are bright and sparkly!

  • Question for you: do you like seasonal manicures/festive nails or do you think it's tacky? 

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