Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daily Imperfection: Laziest, Longest Day Ever!

Today has been by far the laziest and yet longest day ever. Today was one of those days where both the hubs and I knew that we didn't really have anything to do, so we just slept in, stayed in, and made really poor food choices all day!

I was lucky enough to be graced with my husband's always-delicious cheesy eggs this morning, along with a whole wheat bagel thin, and a lot of coffee in my favorite little festive mug. The rest of what I ate today can basically be left unsaid because I either don't remember or I do remember and I don't want to talk about it ;)

An Accidental Double Batch

Something the hubs and I have been munching on are these amazing cookies. The recipe is from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. They're called chocolate peppermint pudding cookies. Sound amazing? They are sooo good! I love chocolate, peppermint, and pudding, so this is a perfect cookie for me. There's peppermint pieces in the cookies which makes for a fun crunch and a pretty look to these sweets. This is definitely a great choice for a cookie exchange or for eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously... I cannot resist, and these things will probably be gone before the weekend is over.

The funny thing about these cookies though is that when I was making them, I accidentally dumped the whole packet of pudding mix into all the ingredients when it only called for half. Whoops! Immediately I knew I messed up the cookies as they were too dry and less pepperminty than I expected them. I freaked out, thinking I ruined the cookies I so eagerly wanted to bake, but my husband of course is smarter and less panic-y than I. Since I doubled the pudding mix, he suggested we double the whole recipe (aka the rest of the ingredients, so it all matched). And of course, that worked out perfectly, and - oh, darn - I ended up with a double batch of these suckers ;) Funny how the imperfections tend to work out in our favor (or not, if you're counting calories, but don't even go there with me this weekend).

Another Layout! 

Anyway, as you can see, I redid the blog layout again. The last one was just not working for me in certain aspects. Long story, but it's redone yet again. But I love it this time! It's completely different, fresh, and much more functional than the last one. Let's just say that I couldn't get the last one to be "perfect." When it comes to layout stuff, it's really hard for me to not expect perfection since I can technically manipulate everything in a layout. But I'm not that good with HTML, so I ended up messing things up and making it look worse in certain cases instead of better. Either way, after literally a whole day of bumming around on my compter, this layout seems to be working very well for me. And no, it's not perfect either, but it's a whole lot better.

Something to think about today: what areas of your life do you think you can actually attain perfection, such as my blog layout fiasco? Are you expectations realistic or will they lead you no where? 

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