Friday, December 7, 2012

Daily Imperfection: To Work or Not to Work?

Happy Friday!

This has been quite a busy week for me. Lots of work, plenty of holiday errands to run, as well my "regular" errands too. My apartment is a bit out of whack - haven't vacuum in who knows how long, got some presents torn open by Mr. Beans. It all makes for a lovely sight! No idea why I thought I could get away with leaving presents wrapped in paper (Beans' favorite thing to destroy) under the tree! Here is the evidence:

Was Beans ashamed? No, never... 

Anyway, today the daily imperfection that I'll be covering is something I've been meaning to write about for a while but, of course, just didn't have time. I recently got a retail job for the holidays. I love my job! It's fun, face-paced, and I love the products we sell. Overall, my job is perfect for me. I get to work with people, organizing products all day with a bunch of other great employees. That being said, the only downside to my job is call-in shifts. Call-in shifts are simply shifts where you are scheduled to work, but you have to call in an hour or so beforehand to find out if you are needed. Since it's a busy season, I am typically needed, but if the store doesn't make enough sales, is slow, etc., I won't be needed. For someone who loooves to plan out her schedule, this is quite annoying to me at times.

I have certainly learned to go with the flow with my job. For the call in shifts (which are only a few of my shifts during the week, not all), I always plan to work. I'd much rather set myself up to think I'm working than hope I don't have to go in. And after all, I do like my job, so I look forward to going in. This week, my call in shifts really threw me for a loop, though. Yesterday, I was scheduled for a call in at 1, which means I call at 12. But I was in dire need of food (no milk or bread! Ah!) so I tried to fit in a quick shopping trip before my supposed shift. However, my manager hinted that she thought she wouldn't need me, so I kind of set myself up to believe that I wouldn't be going in. At 12 pm, with a car full of groceries 20 minutes away from my house, I call in and find out I do in fact have to go in. Instant Panic! My shopping trip took a little longer than I had planned, and I was okay with it since I was assuming I'd have the afternoon off. Not so fast! I rush home, throw my perishables in the fridge, down a frozen burrito I happened to have on hand, throw on a work shirt, and go in. I was miraculously still ten minutes early to work.

Today, I also had a call in that I thought I'd for sure have to go in for, but due to sales, I didn't have to come in, so I have the day off. And I'm so thankful for this day off! It's much needed. But... my mind is still all over the place from waking up this morning thinking I was going to work to now, still being in my pajamas, trying to decide what order I should carry out my day. It just gets confusing! My schedule is definitely far from perfect with this kind of job. My hours change every week and the call ins are definitely not consistent in any way. Either way, I am so thankful for this job, and I love the people I work with.

Now, to carry out my unexpected Friday off!

What would you do if you unexpectedly got the day off? Would it throw you off balance or would you know exactly what you'd want to do? 


  1. Totally depends on my mood, how tired I am or what needs done. I've been called into work SO many times I'm almost used to it? Yet there's a twinge of annoyance if I seriously just would rather stay home and get stuff done there. Esp if I've already had a long week. But a good job changes things!

  2. My sister has to call in for her retail job, and it always seems a little annoying because it's hard for her to make plans! I give you credit for doing it, though -- I bet it does help you go with the flow! Is this a seasonal job, or do you do something else throughout the year too?


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