Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy first birthday, Beans!

I can't believe it, but it's Beans' first birthday today! Happy birthday my bestest animal friend! Pictured above, Beans is sporting his new winter coat that the hubs and I picked up for him last weekend. He wore it out for the first time today and when we got back he was so toasty! He was warmer than me! The coat really works and yes, he really does need it since he's so skinny and loathes even the slightest cold. After our walk, we went to Petsmart to get him a birthday toy. Although I had just gotten him some toys about a week ago, he needed a birthday present ;) Petsmart really only had holiday toys this time of year though, so Beans got stuck with a snowman. Pretty cute, but it wouldn't have been my first choice if there were other options. Thankfully Beans doesn't know the difference! 

So, a quick recap of Beans... So far he is 8.2 pounds. It seems like he's done growing, but he might fill out a little more. So far he knows the following tricks: sit, stay, come, lay down, crawl, dance, high five, speak, and walk (on his hind legs). Not bad for a one year old if you ask me! And just today in Petsmart, a lady who walked by him said, "He is so well behaved!" as he sat there wagging his tail at her. And I couldn't agree more. He is usually well-mannered and a pleasant dog to be around. 

Later, we'll celebrate by giving him a nice dinner (probably his food topped with chicken broth, warmed up, and maybe a slice of ham or something nice). And that's about it! It's funny that I am so excited about his birthday, but he doesn't even know it's his birthday. Oh, crazy animal people... Wait, that's me. 

Do you do "crazy" things for your pets? 


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