Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Lazy Sunday & Happy Weekend!

This has been a great, fun, and relaxing weekend in New England so far. Friday night started out with Christmas music, cranberry white chocolate cookies, and setting up our tree! I absolutely love setting up the tree. I've collected ornaments of my own since I was a kid, so I already had enough ornaments to fill most of me & the hubs large tree for our first Christmas last year. The tree is up now and the glow of the white lights is just magical to me on a cold night :)

It finally decided to snow here already! For days last week it was trying to snow with no luck. Just wasn't cold enough I guess. But it's no fun being inside dreaming of snow when it's cold out with no fluffy flakes. Yesterday morning I woke up to it snowing. I love the snowfall and when the flakes get huge. It snowed on and off all day yesterday. It didn't accumulate much, but was a pretty sight.

The hubs and I went up to Portland, Maine for the day - a super cute port city on the water that we'd never visited before. We went to a brewery, a famous restaunt called Duckfat. Apparently Duckfat was featured on CNN as one of the best places to get fries in America. They fry everything there in duck fat, hence the name. This sounded kind of weird to me, but it was great! I got some creamy tomato bisque soup and a grilled cheese. The fries were good, but fries just aren't my thing.

Today has been quite a lazy Sunday. Did some shopping, laundry, making a crock pot chicken and rice dish for dinner later, but also have done a lot of laying around. It's so perfect to me just to hang out in pj's (flannel pink ones at that!) when the weather is cold and it looks frosty out. But watch, come January when the weather is still frosty but the Christmas charm is gone, I'll be complaining!

Daily Imperfection: Bad Chocolate?

A random imperfection about today was this lovely advent calendar from Trader Joe's. I love, love, love Trader Joe's. This advent calendar was cheap and much more fun to look at than a fat santa or funky snowman for all of December, which is why I opted for this one over ones at other stores. And because it's from Trader Joe's, it's just better, right? Wrong! I know advent calendar chocolate is not the best and is sometimes pretty low quality. This chocolate however is terrible. I was so excited to open this (as I forgot to break it out yesterday). I let the hubs eat the first one, and before I could get to today's chocolate, he was already telling me how gross it was. I don't know what is up with this chocolate, but it's terrible! It tasted so off and like it wasn't even made of chocolate. It's so bad that I'd consider returning it, but I think it was only a dollar or two. So, with that said, we probably won't be using this advent calendar and I'll probably buy one of the "ugly" ones just so we don't have to eat disgusting chocolate all month!

Do you use any kind of advent calendar or have an advent tradition? 

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