Monday, December 3, 2012

Daily Imperfection: A Late Start

Happy Monday! It's a beautiful sunny day here in New England, and yet I have had the slowest morning/day ever! Today's daily imperfection is just that: a ridiculously slow morning. Some days, I cannot get into the swing of things for the life of me. I don't know what it is, but it's like I'm just not prepared for a new week. Thankfully, I have the day off, so I wasn't pressured to do anything by a certain time - or anything at all for that matter!

Today started off with me getting up with the hubs. I sleepily drifted through our morning routine to get him out the door, but as soon as he left, I took a nap with Beans on the couch. I know, I know - this is such a terrible habit! I hate going back to bed after I get up! I really do, but I did wake up with more energy so maybe I needed the rest after all? Either way, that throws off my whole morning because instead of starting at 7, I was starting out at 9, and then the morning just whizzes by.

I had the itch to redo the layout of the blog. That itch is pretty much relentless, so I decided to do it right then when I got up. This, of course, took quite a while. I took a basic layout but edited everything to my own color preferences and made a new header, etc. My eyes do not want to look at any more code for a while now! Whatcha think of the new layout?

Anyway, after that, I finally got around to my workout at 11:30! I always feel like such a slug when I don't whip out a workout first thing in the morning. I have the tendency to beat myself up about that. If I don't do something when I expected to, then it's "not as good" somehow. But in reality, I know it doesn't matter what time I do a workout or any activity - as long as I get it done and do it well, which I did. I'm on my last two weeks of Insanity - love it! More on that later :)

But here it is - almost 2 pm and what have I done? Redid the layout, did a workout, got showered and dressed, and ate lunch. Doesn't seem like much in my head, but when I put into words I realize hey, I did do something at least! Lately, I seem to let action dictate my self-worth or mood. If I've done a lot, I'm pleased with myself and at ease, but if I slack up (even for half a day) I tend to feel bad about myself and have less self-worth, which is so not cool! This is definitely not a daily imperfection that is easy for me to embrace or just get over, but by at least being aware of my tendency to feel/think like this, I can take steps toward freedom.


I don't blog about my food all that much, and the last few weeks of eating have been terrible for me (hello, Christmas cookies!), but this week I'm trying to really keep myself in line before I go on vacation for Christmas and have less control over my diet. Here's today's spread: Trader Joe's Black Bean soup topped with some Mexican cheese, leftover fruit salad (bananas, clementines, & strawberries), some unpictured corn chips, and some lemon water to stay hydrated. It's hard to tell, but you can see my candy cane straw in the Starbucks cup - finally got to break it out again :)

Now off to clean the apartment and get to Manicure Monday before the day escapes me! 

Is there anything that you want to become more aware about yourself? What are you attempting to change about your own attitude? 


  1. I swear the slow start is me on a daily basis now! Esp with sleep becoming more and more difficult. I will beat myself up at the end of the day when I see what I DIDN'T get done. Again.
    Workouts I've pretty much given up on till after the baby unless you count walking and stairs with light lifting, half of that being me stooping down to get something then stand back up!
    As always, I love to read your blogs :)

  2. @Shannon P. Aesty and Makeup Artist Glad you could relate! I too tend to focus on what I didn't get done instead of what I actually did, even when I do do a lot. The curse of being addicted to action and desiring perfection!


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