Monday, December 3, 2012

Manicure Monday: Another Festive One

So I finally got myself in gear after my workout, and I pushed through my cleaning and was able to sit down for an overdue mani. As I said last week, my nails were left completely ruined - chipped, ripped, broken, and peeling - from working over the holiday. I open a lot of boxes at work and am just rough on my hands/nails I guess, 'cause my mani didn't stand a chance! That being said, my nails are a little shorter and will probably remain that way through the busy holiday season that I'll be working. To save my nails some, I again used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails as a base.

I was again wanting to go with something I consider "festive." I already did red, I don't have Christmas tree green polish, so I went with a nice wintery blue/green. It's a Maybelline Express Finish 50 second quick dry brand, but I don't actually know the name as the little sticker with the color number and name fell off. I like this color for winter for sure. I normally never buy polishes even remotely blue or am attracted to blue anything really, but somehow this bright tealish blue made it's way into my stash. It's deep & bright colors like these that remind me of the holiday season for either Christmas or New Year's.

Unfortunately, as soon as I was done with my mani, my camera refused to work properly, so my pics are from my Android - not the best, sorry! Even though my hand looks orange, the color of the polish stayed true in the photo.

I'm looking forward to the rest of my manicure's for December because there's an excuse to do something festive with my nails. I've already got a few planned out :)

Do you have certain polishes that you'll only wear in certain seasons? 

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